We offer the following services for in-home, in-store, and in-office.

Cell Phone Boosters

Everyone has a list of “deal breakers” when searching for a new location for their home or business. This list often includes price, storage space, windows, and many times, CELL PHONE RECEPTION! While you can’t change many of these items, poor cell phone reception is actually one which can be solved. ComRush Cell Phone booster systems are professionally installed, no maintenance, no monthly fee, signal enhancers that can make any location the "right" location.

Virus and Cleanup

Virus Removal
Antivirus Software Installation
Computer Cleanup
Registry Cleanup
Windows Tuneup
Popup Blocking

Security Camera Systems

ComRush is an industry leader for security camera systems. We take pride in offering only the best security monitoring systems for home and business. With ComRush security camera systems you get fully featured, high-grade security solutions that are professionally installed and simple to use. ComRush security camera systems also feature remote access via the Internet or your smart phone, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Website and Internet

Website Design and Support
Website Hosting
E-mail Hosting
Cloud Services and Backup
Router Installation & Configuration
E-mail Configuration
Outlook Support
Firewall Installation

Hardware and Service

Hardware Installation & Troubleshooting
Memory Upgrades
PC Setup and Relocation
Computer Dust Clean-out

Wireless and Networking

Wireless Strategy & Implementation
Network Cable Drops
Network Design & Installation
File & Print Sharing
Cell Phone Boosters
Phone Systems

Software and Troubleshooting

Software Installation & Repair
Data Backup & Recovery
Operating System Installation
Data Transfer
Data Loss Prevention
Computer Operation & Instruction